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We were created to create. We love the work we do because it allows us to tell stories that connect people on a global scale.

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Here’s the problem with online “marketers” these days:

There are just too many. Every day, thousands of people think, “I get plenty of likes on my personal Facebook posts. How hard could it be to make a successful page for my business?”

Even though many businesses, small or large, have a presence online, not many have an integrated, syndicated strategy in place to achieve their goals because they treat it as an afterthought – which gives you the perfect opportunity to blow away your competition. They may know social media and the web, but they have no idea how to be good at business because of social media and the web.

That's why we are the perfect choice to bring your business to the next level.

We have over a decade of combined communication experience, specifically in digital and social media for business. We’ve created beautiful websites with custom photography, crafted engaging social media content and email marketing campaigns, and even generated reach and return on investment in the millions for some of our clients. (If you don’t believe us, check out our Portfolio.)

Aside from all of this, though, and perhaps most importantly, we understand that the web gives businesses a unique opportunity to connect with human beings on both an emotional level and a global scale.

No matter which package you choose, we’ll be here for you every step of the way. We’re just cool like that.

What We Do.
And We Do It Well.


So much social media experience, we’ll have people practically throwing likes & follows at you. Well-versed in strategy & training, paid ad campaigns, content, community management & analytics.


Portraits, landscapes, real estate, product shots, or anything in between – our shutter will make you shudder (in a good way).


We hit people right in the feels with creative copywriting and graphic imagery uniquely adapted to each platform. We understand that the strongest content tells a story.

Web Design

We can build you a customized, mobile-friendly site through WordPress, complete with copy, images, and a whole lotta beautiful.


We’re kinda obsessed with creativity, so we’ll do the research and recommend how to bring your brand to the next level.


We stand behind causes we care about, and we’re happy to shout it from the rooftops – and our Instagram account (shameless plug).
Skills & Specialties

Social Media Strategy & Training




Community Management


Content Creation & Copywriting




Social Media Advertising




Email Marketing


WordPress Web Design


Image Editing


Résumé Writing & Career Advancement


Obsessed is a word
the lazy use to describe
the dedicated.

What They’re Saying

She's smart. She's savvy. And she's the consummate professional. I have worked with Danielle in various capacities, and I have invited her to serve as a guest/guest lecturer in classes I have taught as an adjunct in a Public Relations program. She knows both the art and the science of social media, how to craft a message and how to ensure it reaches the right people at the right time; how to get to the heart of a story and how to measure whether that "heart" resonates with people.. She is what I refer to as a 'social media guru'.

Patricia QuigleyWorked with Danielle

We had the honor of working with the charming and talented Shea one beautiful fall day at our flower shop. I was nervous to have a photographer see the not so picturesque side of our business, but somehow she made sense of the madness. Her ability to capture a pile of leaves and stems on the floor told the story of our busy day. Shea captured hidden moments between my sister and I in our design studio that I will forever cherish, working side by side like we were meant to do. We have had other photographers in to capture the space, but no one captured the feeling nor reality of our art like Shea! Writing this makes me want to have her back again!

Mary CoombsPhotography Client of Shea

I worked closely with Danielle when she joined the social media team in 2011, and I don’t know what I would have done without her. On any given day, she was responsible for a large number of projects, many of which had very tight turnaround times, and she did a great job of keeping those projects moving along efficiently without letting anything fall through the cracks.

Andrea TudorWorked with Danielle at Masterminds

I have worked with Shea at a variety of events, including my wedding. She has a gift for capturing natural candid moments that convey the emotion of the moment. Whether it be sports, weddings, family portraits, kids, or artistic scenic shots, I am always impressed with what she brings out of her subjects. Her personality makes anyone in front of the camera feel comfortable. I highly recommend Shea for any of your photography needs!

Suzanne AkersPhotography Client of Shea

Danielle is a student’s Sparknotes on the advertising industry who has helped me through many of the challenges a student and young professional has to face. Anytime I’ve needed advice on anything from résumés to running a club, she’s been one of the first people I go to. Her constant excitement about the advertising industry, social media and her unrelenting patience for questions have provided me invaluable insights that helped me start my career. I remember her coaching me through my first interview, where her only deficit was not holding up cue cards during the interview. Overall, Danielle is a generous, caring, and patient individual who has amazing talent to top it all off.

Steve JonesCollege Classmate

I worked with Shea for several years as our departments depended on one another each and every day. When she joined the team, she worked tirelessly to bring our company's website into the 21st century after years of it being ignored. She brought fresh ideas, incredible photography and superb content design skills that took the company's social media and web presence to a whole new level.

Amy Beckert-BrownWorked with Shea

I've worked with Danielle in many capacities. She impressed me years ago as a student, leading the Rowan Ad Club into new successes. Later in the Philly Ad Club, she became a key member of the Young Professionals committee, and the dedicated community manager for its social media presence. And, at Masterminds, a 50-person integrated agency in South Jersey, at which Danielle played an important part of the social strategy department. As an account manager, Danielle always keeps it together, with solid organizational skills and dynamite work ethic. And she never has a shortage of good ideas to bring to the table. Her best quality, though, is that she is someone I can fully trust to do the job right. No matter the project, Danielle will find a way to do it better than before. And there aren't enough people like her in this business.

Zack KinslowWorked with Danielle at Masterminds

Recently I had an opportunity to put Danielle’s extensive marketing knowledge to the test by asking her to help me become more relevant in today’s job market. The task? Differentiate me from the rest of the salesmen job pool. What I expected was an updated resume with a few fancy words. What I received was a mind blowing resume, help with my personal career path (complete with directions), and without a doubt the most positive upbeat personality and experience that I have ever come across. What might seem as a tedious process to you and me, she took head on and made it fun. The best part of the whole process was that her motivation to help me succeed became infectious. I would strongly recommend Danielle as a great asset and resource to anyone.

Joseph LongoCareer Advancement Client of Danielle's

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