In May 2014, I worked extensively to launch Transfer Tuesdays, a recruitment campaign that allowed potential transfer students to apply for free, meet one-on-one with an admissions counselor on select Tuesdays and receive an instant admissions decision.

By utilizing a heavily targeted ad strategy on Facebook and Instagram, combined with carefully crafted messaging, I reached valuable prospects and helped them navigate the rough and often confusing waters of transferring to a new college. My ad sets consisted of various demographic and psychographic elements to better connect with prospective students and their families throughout a specific geographic region. Messaging options included testimonials to further instill trust and credibility. In addition, I consistently monitored and optimized the performance of the campaign using conversion tracking to ensure we yielded the best results.

After the user saw and clicked on the Facebook ad(s), they would be directed to an easily navigable, single-page website complete with custom scripts. My team developed the site using Bootstrap (for the grid system allowing for responsive design) with jQuery, PHP, and countless plug-ins to make it behave the way that we envisioned. They wrote many lines of custom script to add features based on industry standards. In other words, we researched and paid attention to user experience and the importance of optimizing the site for mobile users. The end result was a responsive parallax site that was appealing to potential students who were typically overwhelmed by other college websites’ sheer breadth of information.

The campaign achieved such success that it has run three years in a row, yielding increased return on investment each year.


  • Produced 1,328 leads over three years,
  • Generated nearly $12 million in revenue
  • Website organically surfaced to the top of Google’s search results
  • Won a Gold CASE Award in an Accolades Awards program that recognizes best practices, programs, and communications across 39 categories

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